The Time That Is Given to Us: A Eulogy

The following is a eulogy I wrote and read for my brother’s wake on July 8, 2021. I had no intent on publishing this; however, the response had been overwhelming, and many people asked me for a copy. I felt it must have been more powerful that I intended. So, I felt if it meantContinue reading “The Time That Is Given to Us: A Eulogy”

Americans at Work: The God That We Worship

“When you don’t have much and you need to be at work, there’s no such thing as being sick.” – Scott Brooks I hate masks. There I said it. I hate wearing them. They’re uncomfortable, hot, fog up my glasses, and they mess up my beard! They suck. I am not, however, an anti-masker. IContinue reading “Americans at Work: The God That We Worship”

Street Level Influencer – Meet Shenise Cook

The Street Level Influencer continues into 2021. Now more than ever, we need reminders from those individuals at the ground level making an impact in our daily lives – many times without us knowing it – that life is overwhelmingly good, even when it’s “bad.” Street level influencers provide that for us. COVID, social unrest,Continue reading “Street Level Influencer – Meet Shenise Cook”

HR Philosopher – Street Level Influencer: Dan Huber

Many of us have people in our lives, who, when introducing us to their network, we proclaim “Any friend of _____ is a friend of mine!” For me, that person is Erich Kurschat. He seems to attract such a diverse set of individuals to his networking circle. Recently, I got text from Erich asking ifContinue reading “HR Philosopher – Street Level Influencer: Dan Huber”